The Distressed Organisation

The business press is alive with the stories of once dominant and successful organisations facing a serious crisis. We see it in every area of human institutions from politics to the professions to major trading organisations. A collapse in reputation, in viability, in effectiveness and profitability is an inevitable consequence.

The most significant factors behind such failings lie deep in the “DNA” of the enterprise - the assumptions and interpretations that constitute the entity that the organisation in its very nature is and that allow for it to fulfil its strategic objectives in the first instance by guiding all behaviour and thinking within the organisation.

To prevent an organisation becoming distressed or to help a distressed organisation becoming functional again will require leaders to understand and establish a set of embedded assumptions and interpretation that constitute the existing degree of strategic integrity of the organisation at its foundation.

ResoFact will allow you to understand the level of strategic integrity of your organisation. This will give you direct access to protecting and building the strategic integrity of your organisation.