Every organisation, institution and company establishes a unique world unto itself. To understand an organisation at the most fundamental level means to understand the world that it sets up.

In dealing with two organisations in the same industry, although they are involved in essentially the same thing, you are, nonetheless, entering different worlds. These different worlds lead to different ways of working, different ethics and values and different assumptions about what are considered acceptable behaviours and conduct.

It is our inability to fully recognise and understand how such worlds get created and sustained that make the introduction of initiatives to seriously impact performance and results such a challenge.

There is a common assumption that the failure of change programmes or strategic initiatives are the result of a lack of full commitment from senior leadership. Our work has led us to see that it is typically not a lack of commitment that is the problem. The problem is typically a lack of understanding of a particular organisational world and what sustains it.

It is time we began to think differently about what actually defines what an organisation is beyond its obvious function (to provide products and services while being profitable) to what sustains its character and nature. Can we truly understand the ‘DNA’ of an organisation? As by doing so can we open doors to new possibilities and opportunities for transformation?

Dr Dominik Heil PhD has spent recent years building a new philosophical model to describe and explain what we might usually call “organisational DNA”. Until you can understand the DNA all efforts to change will be handicapped and stand on very shaky foundations.

We have developed a diagnostic and consulting methodology (ResoFact™) that reveals the underlying factors that both create and sustain organisational worlds. ResoFact™ reveals the often unseen and unacknowledged assumptions that keep such a world in place. It reveals the spaces for action that can truly make a difference. ResoFact™ can help establish and new ethical foundation for any enterprise that supports ever improving performance, results and, perhaps most importantly in our current world, standing and reputation.