New Leadership

When you have lived for many years in one organisation or world, moving into a new organisation and therefore into a new world can be a significant challenge.

When we move from one organisation into another and we are faced with unfamiliarity and strangeness even when we stay in the same industry or profession.

This is a particular challenge for new senior leaders parachuting into a new organisation. They may be aware of structural and strategic challenges, but rarely do they have a language or model that gives and realistic and robust description of the culture they are inheriting.

Executive search firms do their best to ensure their candidates understand the entity they are adopting. Rarely do they understand the operating assumptions and ethics that describe how the organisation functions and behaves in reality.

ResoFact reveals these abstract, yet powerful factors that sustain an existing culture. Omitting to understand these factors is a recipe for failure. To know the nature of the beast you are inheriting allows you to better understand what needs to be addressed to create new levels of performance and results.