Strategic Integrity

Every strategy needs to be implemented within the world of an organisation. This world are the shared assumptions and interpretations that people in the organisation live by and how they make sense out of everything. The usual reason given by management to strategies not being implemented successfully is that there was 'resistance to change'. But people do not inherently resist change. In some cases people  embrace change actually at a truly breathtaking speed. The adoption of mobile telephony in developing countries may serve as one such example. It happened at a speed that was unpredictable because it responded to a possibility that was in line with the world of these communities.

When people resist change, what is actually happening is that the suggested change is in conflict with the taken for granted assumptions or world of a community or organisation. The solution to this challenge is to create integrity between the strategic objectives and the world of the organisation. It is to ensure that on the one hand the strategic projects are communicated and introduced in a way that connects to the world of the organisation and ,on the other hand, that we develop the world of the organisation in such a way that the required projects become a vivid and compelling possibility in this world. This is what we call strategic integrity at the most fundamental level.

ResoFact™ is a methodology to articulate the foundational assumptions and interpretations of your company so that you can see whether they will support or hinder the implementation of the strategic objectives and projects in your company.