New Acquisitions

Although much analysis is conducted during any process of acquisition, the majority focuses on the business case for bringing two organisations together. However the list of such acquisitions that actually reduce the value of the acquiring company are legion.

What is always underestimated is that what actually happens in a merger or acquisition is that two distinct worlds are being brought together. There may be synergies in their business models but this does not guarantee success. How do you bring different worlds together? How do you transform two different cultures into one?

It begins with an understanding of the “DNA” of those entities. The ResoFact™ methodology provides that insight. To appreciate this is perhaps the most significant single factor in the successful integration of two organisations.

With ResoFact™, our unique methodology, we not only create a common understanding and language to describe such worlds, but facilitate a dialogue that creates common cause in bringing the best of both worlds together in a single entity.